The Rowland Agency commissioned the web design, production and ongoing maintenance services for a San Francisco Bay area based PR firm. The design challenge started from dissatisfaction of a popular design contest website and coming up short after multiple attempted designs that were submitted. Daniel Fairbanks Designs task was to prove, not only the job of great simple web design, but to be able to execute the design into working code and not losing the steps in between.

A new problem; a lot of people who are  looking for the best website design possible is that they are now finding a lack in 1 or 2 of 3 crucial areas;

The crucial areas of design are

1. A impacting design,

2. Functional clean coding.

3. The ability to execute a job from start to finish with a relationship that goes beyond the Go Live point. Simplicity is an art.

Mastering these areas is always a great challenge to achive.