Starting back in December, I was contracted to perform a site overhaul for eProductivity, a software application that makes Getting Things Done in IBM Lotus Notes.  I admit not knowing anything about this market or the software, but when it comes to good design, there really is no obstacle that can’t be overcome.

Upon learning about the IBM market, very technical and web savvy, I decided to keep it real simple, easy to use and get to the point fast, with many variable to be featured on the front page.   A JavaScript Slider with graphics designed, light box pop ups of how-to samples of the product functionality and a rotating JS testimony field.
An extensive footer is to be designed with the sitemap displayed for SEO and quick navigation.

The initial design was approved in round 1, and then with various client decision changes, the perfect harmony of design and content displayed was found.

Currently in production for a March/April Launch date.  Visit