The Studio: Daniel Fairbanks Design

Daniel Fairbanks has been in business for 20+ years, beginning in the music industry, working with various recording labels, then during the late 90’s as the music industry began to move to the internet, so did the design studio. Always remaining true to artists in various fields, the studio began to expand to the identity of artisans, photographers, architects, and humanitarian foundations.

Taking a boutique approach to the design business of web development, each project reflects the clients needs and the designers creativity, pushing each project to a new level of professional exposure and unique lasting impression.

Daniel Fairbanks (owner) specializes in web design and development services Worldwide for clients, including London, Paris, NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle and Small town USA.

The Studio:
Daniel Fairbanks is the lead designer and has partnered with various coders, wordpress guru’s, flash artists and a hosting company INOA Tech.

Group Six Studios
Daniel Fairbanks is a lead designer and partner with a global design firm called Group Six Studios

Services offered

Web design & development, Server management & hosting, CMS wordpress Blog Creation, Shopping cart application, Podcasting, Flash multimedia, web interface design, corporate identity, logo branding design services, marketing email list management, social media interface design, Twitter, Facebook, and contract code management.


Worldwide: 562-841-1850